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The Alcino Cortez Atelier is synonymous with luxury and comfort. A remarkable Atelier, characterized by sophistication and beauty. Designed by renowned architect José Manuel Ribeiro, it combines art and harmony, resulting in a truly unique space.


I believe each person to be unique and special.

My work is based on the belief that hair design is an artistic expression that is rooted in the basic elements of shape, texture and colour, much like the fine arts.

This is what drives me, the incessant search for the ultimate art form as a source of timeless fashion, where hair not only complements, but also celebrates beauty and represents the sublimation of the Eternal Feminine.

Creation comes from instinct, perfection from knowledge.


The Alcino Cortez Atelier has its own identity. Here's what makes us unique.


Alcino Cortez Atelier offers a wide range of services, ensured by qualified professionals.


Take advantage of our hairdressing services, ensured by experience and the highest professional standards.

  • Brushing

    Brushing is crucial to reveal a hairstyle's versatility and show the hair's true potential.

  • Men's & Ladies' Haircut

    Alcino Cortez strives to stay on top of the latest fashion trends, training his employees to suggest and recommend the cuts that better suit each customer.

  • Coloring

    Coloring is a valuable asset when the time comes to change your look, conceal gray hairs or to simply emphasize brightness. Our suggestions include highlights, be they sombré, ombré, or balayage. The end result is soft, sublime hair that brings out the tone-rich reflections and a deep, bright color.

  • Curling & Straightening

    Certain that everyone has a style of their own, it is important, once the cut is complete, to shape it so that it best suits each individual.

    Curling imparts a natural-looking effect, combined with shiny, smooth hair, volume and well defined curls, resulting in longer lasting hairstyles, movement and dynamism, beauty and flexibility.

    Straightening is a great and long lasting technique that removes that hard-to-tame hair volume. Ideal for achieving a smooth effect or taming natural curls.

  • Treatments

    Your hairdresser a is prepared and trained professional and is the right person to perform hair diagnostics, pointing out the most effective and lasting treatments for your problems, whether it is dry or wild hair, hair loss, scalp irritation or oiliness.

  • Image Consulting

    Our professionals survey each client, studying their personality, motivations and concerns, the colors that best suit them according to the desired image goals. The whole process is customized so that each client is aware of their strenghts, thus improving their self-esteem.

  • Ceremony & Formal Haircuts

    We are ready to help you stand out in that special event, with bold and relaxed hairstyles or a sophisticated and formal look. Adapt your hairstyle to different occasions, there are numerous solutions that we can propose. We also have at your disposal a group of professionals who will come to you, ensuring a personalized service.

  • Definitive Straightening

    Our definitive straightnening service offers splendid results with absolute safety. Our nourishing and innovative straightening guarantees:

    • Styling temperature resistance due to the flat iron
    • Astoundingly bright hair after straightening treatment
    • Hair shine and brightness remain even after repeated washing
    • Restructuring with alignment of hair fiber
    • Increased resistance of hair fibers
    • Deep conditioning and nourishment
    • Longer lasting straight hair
    • Perfectly easy to brush
  • Hair Reconstruction

    We have a definitive answer to hair reconstruction from the cortex to the cuticle, which guarantees the replenishment of the hair's body, elasticity, strength and resistance with an anti-aging effect, increasing luminosity and softness.

  • Extensions

    100% natural hair extensions for long, strong, healthy hair with volume and vitality. Ideal for those who have little hair or thin hair. It allows you to recreate the look or incisively define the haircut. There are various thicknesses as well as lengths of natural hair extensions, which allow you to get a result that suits you. The hair gains volume, movement and thickness, naturally and invisibly.

Bridal Special

A bride's hairstyle must be the result of perfect harmony between personality, the anatomy of the face, the make-up, the dress, the jewellery, the time and the place of the ceremony. A perfect and thorough combination will ensure exceptional results.

  • Image Consulting for Brides

    Our employees carry out a professional and personalized analysis, through a set of methodologies and their own techniques, studying the intrinsic characteristics of each bride, such as face anatomy, the colors that most benefit her hair and make-up. They advise with the aim of highlighting the bride's beauty, namely their qualities and strengths, taking into account their personality and their lifestyle.

  • Hairstyle & Makeup Trials

    The hairstyle and make-up tests help reassure the bride before the Big Day. It is important to reconcile the hairstyle and make-up with the individual characteristics of the bride, the dress or even the type of ceremony you have chosen. Finding a professional with at least 3 months' notice will allow you to make a careful analysis and have confidence in the professionals who will help you on your wedding day.

  • Wedding day Hairstyle & Makeup

    Whether at our facilities or in the place you feel most comfortable, the professionals who accompanied you during the tests, ensure that everything goes as planned. Stay calm, it's going to be a Perfect Day!

  • Wedding Reception Hairstyle

    The hairstyle has to be perfect throughout the wedding. It is becoming more and more usual for the bride to change her dress during the wedding reception. According to this choice, there is also Hairstyle change, making it more appropriate at each moment. Your Professional will be there to accompany you!

  • Customized services at Home

    If the Bride values privacy as much as the hairstyle and make-up and other services that we provide, then we have the solution for you! We come to you so that you can have a personalized service without having to leave your comfort zone.



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